About Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF

"And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men." - Luke 2:52

Our vision and mission

The mission of Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF is to provide wholesome activity for young people in a Christian environment by enriching their lives and cultivating spirituality, decency, and a good moral and Christian character. The Board of Directors dedicates Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF to the training of young people spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically in the example of Luke 2:52: “And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and statue and in favor with God and men.”


In 1960 Mrs. Lucille (Jones) Aubrey, a member at the church of Christ in Walters, OK, made the camp grounds available to the members of the original board of directors consisting of Lawrence Giles, Harold McRay, Bill Reed, Clyde Sloan, and Robert Sprague.  These men gratefully and humbly accepted Mrs. Aubrey’s incredible gift in 1961 and the following summer the first session of Camp Lu-Jo was held.

The first session of Camp Lu-Jo was held June 23-30, 1962 with Harold McRay and Clyde Sloan co-directing the session.  In 1963-1966 there were two camp sessions each summer with the number of sessions increasing to three in 1967 and then four in 1969.  Camp Lu-Jo currently offers 6 sessions and a fall retreat specifically geared toward a variety of age groups.

Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF will celebrate 62 summers of Christian camping in the summer of 2023!


Nestled in the great plains of southwest Oklahoma between the Wichita Mountains and the Red River there is a large youth camp that was founded for the purpose of cultivating character in a manner that appeals to young people.  This camp is none other than Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF, where thousands have enriched their lives in a beautiful setting.

KISMIF stands for “Keep It Spiritual, Make It Fun,” and Camp Lu-Jo has delivered this promise every year since the first camp session was held in 1962.  The camp is operated by Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF, Inc., a non-profit tax exempt corporation governed by a board of  directors made up of faithful Christian men and women.