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  • Director – Randy Mathis and Troy Rogers –

  • Dates – July 2 – 8, 2023

  • Ages – Students Entering Middle School, High School, & Graduated Seniors

  • Cost- $165

Another year has passed and before you know it we will all be heading out to the GREATEST place on earth. Troy and I are looking forward to another FANTASTIC year of CONNECT  WEEK and we hope that you will be making plans to be a part of it!  

This years CONNECT WEEK theme is STAND OUT. We live in a world of compromise,  a world that doesn’t always adhere to the godly principles that we have been called to live by in  God’s Word and often we are expected to just blend in and go along with the flow. Yet, God  has called us to STAND OUT and to be different than the world. We have been called to  show our faith to the world around us and to serve God faithfully and consistently. While the  world wants to take our focus away from the Lord, we need to make certain our priorities are  set, that we focus on what’s important and that we never compromise the truth. At CONNECT WEEK we want to share God’s Word with our campers and show them that  standing out from the world is a guarantee that God will stand with us.  

As we prepare for another AMAZING year of Bible study, our focus this year will be on the Old Testament Book of Daniel. There, we will draw encouragement as we see example after  example of Daniel and his friends standing out for the Lord no matter the cost and we will see  how their willingness to STAND OUT brought them to greater faith in the Lord as the Lord  walked with them every step of the way.  

We believe that this is going to be a GREAT week of Bible Study and we are thankful that you  have volunteered your time to spend the week with us challenging and encouraging these  WONDERFUL young people to have a deeper relationship with God through His Word!


At CONNECT WEEK we are working hard to create an environment that will help you grow spiritually. Unfortunately, our society is not concerned with modesty and invariably the clothing industry fails to produce an overwhelming amount of clothing for you to wear that will fit into this environment. BUT, we still are committed to holding to a high standard of modesty. So…to eliminate any problems at camp, we ask that you follow the “Dollar Bill Test” for your shorts. While standing, take a dollar bill, turn it horizontally, and have it touch the top of your knee. If the top of the bill does not touch the bottom of your shorts or skirts, please do not bring them. Be aware that we will have alternative shorts for campers who do not have appropriate length shorts to wear, just keep in mind they aren’t usually considered “in style!” You can bring sleeveless shirts so long as they DO NOT show ANY undergarments. We would ask that you do not bring anything tight fitting that would “hug” the body. Girls, you may wear leggings, we just ask that your t–shirt is long enough to cover your behind. Please take time to evaluate your camp clothes and remember, “When in doubt, leave it out!” For worship, we ask that you keep your clothing casual (Jeans and a t–shirt/long skirt, etc…). Just make sure that what you bring is in accordance with the above dress code. We would encourage you bring something a little nicer for our Friday evening activities. In all things, just make sure that what you wear honors God!

For more information on Connect Week, please contact directors Randy Mathis & Troy Rogers at

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