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  • Director – Randy Mathis and Troy Rogers –

  • Dates – July 2 – 8, 2023

  • Ages – Students Entering Middle School, High School, & Graduated Seniors

  • Cost- $165

Camp LuJo is a place like no other. One of the GREATEST places on earth that we have come to love and adore and after spending a week there, we know you will too. 

CONNECT WEEK is for Middle School (incoming 6th graders) and High School Students. It’s a great week of fun and fellowship. Our session is directed by Troy Rogers and Randy Mathis. Both of these men have a passion for teaching others about Jesus and would be thrilled to have you join them for a week of fun and spiritual growth. At CONNECT WEEK our goal is to connect you to God, through Christ, his word, and Christian relationships. At CONNECT WEEK you will be introduced to some of the best staff around and you will most likely meet some of the best friends you will ever have in life. Our week is filled with Bible classes, sports, crafts, and so much more. We begin and end our day at flagpole, where we sing praises to God and draw encouragement from his word. By the time you go home, you will know exactly why LuJo is so special, and you will already be making plans to be back the next summer. 

So, make plans to join us this summer and get ready to develop a deeper relationship to God through the study of His Word. 


At CONNECT WEEK we are working hard to create an environment that will help you grow spiritually. Unfortunately, our society is not concerned with modesty and invariably the clothing industry fails to produce an overwhelming amount of clothing for you to wear that will fit into this environment. BUT, we still are committed to holding to a high standard of modesty. So…to eliminate any problems at camp, we ask that you follow the “Dollar Bill Test” for your shorts. While standing, take a dollar bill, turn it horizontally, and have it touch the top of your knee. If the top of the bill does not touch the bottom of your shorts or skirts, please do not bring them. Be aware that we will have alternative shorts for campers who do not have appropriate length shorts to wear, just keep in mind they aren’t usually considered “in style!” You can bring sleeveless shirts so long as they DO NOT show ANY undergarments. We would ask that you do not bring anything tight fitting that would “hug” the body. Girls, you may wear leggings, we just ask that your t–shirt is long enough to cover your behind. Please take time to evaluate your camp clothes and remember, “When in doubt, leave it out!” For worship, we ask that you keep your clothing casual (Jeans and a t–shirt/long skirt, etc…). Just make sure that what you bring is in accordance with the above dress code. We would encourage you bring something a little nicer for our Friday evening activities. In all things, just make sure that what you wear honors God!

For more information on Connect Week, please contact directors Randy Mathis & Troy Rogers at

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