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Camp Lu-Jo KISMIF, Inc., is a non-profit organization governed by a board of  directors made up of the following Christian men and women.


Mr. Jason Foster

Duncan, OK

Ms. Julie Foster

Prosper, TX

Mr. Nathan Gatewood

Duncan, OK

Mr. Robert Gregg

Edmond, OK

Dr. Steve Gregg

Duncan, OK

Mr. Wesley Hess

Tuttle, OK

Mr. Jason Hosch

Duncan, OK

Mr. Austin Hughes

Tuttle, OK

Dr. David Keck

Edmond, OK

Mrs. Janna Lee

Wichita Falls, TX

Mr. Tim Lee

Lawton, OK

Mr. Landon Lewis

Chickasha, OK

Mrs. Paula Lewis

Stillwater, OK

Mr. Josh Mallow

Walters, OK

Mr. Randy Mathis

Ackerly, TX

Mr. Bill D. Mayes

Krum, TX

Mr. Jason Retherford

Marlow, OK

Mr. Steven Richardson

Chickasha, OK

Mr. Troy Rogers

Cache, OK

Mr. Roberto Seda

Oklahoma City, OK

Mr. Scott Taylor

Chickasha, OK

Mr. Thomas Wood

Chickasha, OK

Camp Directors.

Jump Week:  Robert Paul Gregg

2020 is the 27th year for Robert Paul Gregg of Edmond, OK to direct Jump Week, a great high school session for those going into 9th grade – graduated seniors.  He has spent his entire life (literally) at Lu-Jo KISMIF from the time his mom brought him out to camp when just six months old to surprise his dad, Robert Gregg, when he was directing one of his weeks.  With over 40 years experience of camping, being on staff, and directing there are so many fun memories and great times that have taken place.  It has been said many times that Camp Lu-Jo is a little bit of Heaven on earth…..and Robert Paul truly believes that.  Jump Week is the one week he looks forward to every year and even though the summer is started with Jump Week, it is by far the best week every summer!!  Robert Paul says the best thing about Lu-Jo is being out there and seeing young people (campers and staff) build relationships with each other while strengthening their own personal relationships with God and growing in Him.  His favorite part of each day is during the evening flagpole devotional with everyone at camp around the flagpole, singing and praising God under the stars… is so wonderful!  If you have a high school student, be sure they start their summer with this great week!

Reunion Week & Day Camp:  Jason Hosch

2020 is Jason Hosch‘s 6th year to direct this great session.  Jason has directed past fall retreats, KISMIF Days, Family Camp, and has also served on the staff of Peak Week for over twenty years as chorus director, late night director,  junior staff development, teacher, junior counselor, day camp director, and quiet time leader.  He also was a camper for 8 years, has served on the Board of Directors for 19 years, and served as President of the Board of Directors during the construction of the north dorm and dining hall.  Jason, his wife Deanna, and three daughters live in Duncan, OK.  One of his favorite camp memories is creating the infamous and illustrious Visual Hunting game with Nathan Gatewood and playing the Word Game with Ron Bruner, Steve Gregg, and David Bedford.  If you have a camper going into 4th-12th grade, they will love this great session!

Super Week:  Bill Mayes

If you want a camp director who has spent countless weeks at Camp Lu-Jo, then look no further than Bill Mayes of Krum, TX!   2020 will be his 59th summer at Lu-Jo and his 44th year to direct this Super Week of camp that is specifically geared toward those entering the 4th-6th grade in the fall.  Bill currently serves as the pulpit minister at the Krum church of Christ and has also served many years on the Camp Lu-Jo Board of Directors.  He is the only known person to have spent at least one week at Camp Lu-Jo every summer since it’s very first session and now has the great joy of watching his grandkids growing up in the same place he has loved since childhood.  If you have a young person entering 4th-6th grade, this is the perfect week to get them started at Lu-Jo!

Strive Week:  Austin Hughes

2020 is Austin Hughes‘ 3rd year to be a director at Camp Lu-Jo for Strive Week. Austin has served on the Board of Directors for 3 years and has been part of the staff at Real week for the past 8 years. Austin grew up going to many camp sessions and thanks directors Robert Paul Gregg, Steve Gregg, Bill Mayes, and Chris King for being such positive influences on his spiritual life.
Austin and his wife Kelly are members of the Tuttle Church of Christ where they are active in teaching classes, VBS, and many other church activities. Austin has worked at Oklahoma Christian University since 2014 as the Director of Payroll and Benefits. His favorite memories of camp are late nights with best friends, paint wars, and making friendships that are still strong today.

Connect Week:  Randy Mathis, Troy Rogers

2020 is Randy Mathis‘ 5th year to co-direct Connect Week.  He directed 2 years of the Lu-Jo winter retreat, has been on staff during several camp weeks of Lu-Jo for 18 years, and served on the Lu-Jo board of directors for 8 years.  Randy has been a full-time preacher for 16 years and currently serves as the pulpit minister for the church of Christ in Ackerly, TX where he lives with his lovely wife and three children.  Some of his favorite Lu-Jo memories are Weeknight Updates with Barry Haynes and Deep Thoughts.  If you are seeking a deeper connection with God and want to have a great time meeting friends and having new experiences, Connect Week is the week for you!

2020 is the 5th year for Troy Rogers to co-direct Connect Week.  He is also a co-director for Camp Lu-Jo’s Fall Focus and serves as the pulpit minister for the Northwest church of Christ in Lawton, OK.  He has worked in the ministry field for 10 years.  Troy has served on the Lu-Jo Board of Directors, as staff at Lu-Jo for several years, and has been involved in serving Christian camps for over a decade.  He has many great memories of camp from his years as camper and staff with the highlights of flagpole devotionals and singing in the cellar.  It’s Troy’s prayer that you connect your heart with God’s during Connect Week so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Summit Week: James Waugh

2020 is the inaugural year for Summit Week, directed by James Waugh of Mustang, OK.  He serves as a minister for the Lakehoma church of Christ in Mustang.

Fall Focus:  Josh Mallow, Troy Rogers, Thomas Wood

Josh Mallow will be directing his 7th year of the Fall Focus retreat in 2020.  He has been attending camp Lu-Jo since he began attending Super Week back in 1988 as a camper! Josh is the minister for the Temple church of Christ in Temple, OK and is also employed as a clinical pharmacist for the Department of Veteran Affairs. For 9 years, Josh served as a deacon for the Sullivan Village church in Lawton, OK, where he was tasked with youth education and ministry.  He has many special fall retreat memories and prays that these will grow in their relationships with God and each other out at Fall Focus!

This will be the 7th year of directing Fall Focus for Troy Rogers, who is also a co-director for Connect Week at Lu-Jo.  He serves as the pulpit minister for the Northwest church of Christ in Lawton, OK  and has worked in the ministry field for 10 years.  Troy has served on the Lu-Jo Board of Directors, as staff at Lu-Jo for several years, and has been involved in serving Christian youth camps for over a decade.  He has many great memories from his years as camper and staff with the highlights of flagpole devotionals and singing in the cellar.

2020 is Thomas Wood‘s 7th year to co-direct the Fall Focus retreat.  He has been attending Camp Lu-Jo since a very young age and now serves on the board of directors.  Thomas has been a camper and part of the staff at several sessions for a number of years.  Fond memories include the old fall retreats and he looks forward to making new memories every year.  Please join everyone at Fall Focus to make sure your life is in focus!